Crafty Bitch

In 2009, for my birthday, My Best Friend Who’s a Boy (aka Himself) gave me possibly the best present ever. He gave me a craft box. I had long dreamed of having a room in a house devoted to felt, pipe cleaners, sequins, glue and high quality paper. He couldn’t give me a room, but the box was the next best thing.

Personalised. Fancy.


The box contained the holy grail of lovers of craft carry-on: a multicoloured joy-fest of every Sharpie imaginable. Sharpies have the ability to turn even the most stoic of people into sticky-fingered scribblers, so you can imagine my glee.

My cup runneth over

I have always loved art and crafts of all types, but not having studied Art as a subject in any capacity at secondary school, going on to pursue something creative as a career wasn’t really an option. I haven’t given up though. I make ridiculous, amateurish, but love-filled cards for Christmas, birthday and special occasions, and I pour over the work of those who have made a career out of sticking, gluing, soldering and chopping. A graphic design course is not a complete impossibility at some stage in the future surely? I might not make a career out of it, but I might pitch up outside one of those hipster-tastic flea markets with a pram-full of handmade ridiculous cards and bellow at people to buy them.

Making up for never having pipe cleaners like those smug bastards on Bosco

If YOU want a one of these magical creations, just ask. I’ll probably make you one, hand deliver it, and only ask for a curlywurly as payment.

Card cat iz in your envelope, giving you smilez

Happy Easter




3 responses to “Crafty Bitch

  1. You never mentioned the glue gun!

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