It’s been a tough few weeks round my way. Christmas is always a little bit hard, and seemed that little bit harder this year. I headed to the other side of the country this week for the wedding of one of my oldest friends, which was lovely. It was so nice to see a friendly face around every corner of the hotel, as a lot of us had made the journey to the celebrations. Now that the wedding excitement is over, there’s New Year to get through, and then the daunting loom of 2012. A friend said to me recently that she though 2012 would be ‘my year’, which is a challenging yet exciting thought.

Watching another one of my friends walk down the aisle was again bittersweet, as weddings remind us of families, lost loves, old friends, nostalgia, romance, someone to depend on and best friends. As happy as I am for my old friend, it’s strange to see how much our lives have diverged since we used to be at school.

The happy couple

Fun with old friends

Gorgeous Genevieve

First dance

While she prepares to embark on her exciting new life as a wife, best friend, partner, team-mate… and most likely mother, I’ve been taking pictures of my feets…

Hogs and Cons


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