Dentists, dogs and dancing: My 40 by 40

In no particular order, here are forty things I think I’d like to do by the time I’m forty. Obviously I would like some of them to happen much sooner than that (in fact, I’m considering many of them resolutions for 2012), but some will just have to wait. I’m already a little bit panicked about the dentist commitment, and due to a recent dose of the blues will be striving particularly hard for number 10, but here goes….

1 Be a choir nerd again like this gang, or this lot (UPDATE 12th March 2012: Started to get the ball rolling on this one)

2 Grow my hair long

3 Cycle everywhere like one of those deadly people that cycle everywhere

4 Visit Sarah in Arizona (UPDATE 5th January 2012: Flights are booked. UPDATE #2 6th March 2012: Made the trip in late January/early February 2012, and what a time we had)

Me and Sarah, Jack Palancing

5 Have a dog

6 Have a garden

7 Stop smoking, and stop saying it’s ok to smoke if I’m drinking wine. It’s not.

8 Visit Mexico

9 Live by my wits on a beach (maybe in Mexico?)

This would do, I s'pose

10 Be happy

11 Eat less, move more

12 Make and sell (at least five) birthday cards with the help of my trusty craft box

An early prototype

13 Do an art class

14 Read The Great War for Civilisation which I got for Christmas 2005 from my brother

A challenge

Gulp, I've had it for SIX YEARS

15 Get the tattoo I’ve always wanted, and the body I’ve wanted to put it on

16 Love myself and be loved

17 Learn (some) Spanish

No idea

18 Dance in a burlesque get up

19 Play guitar properly

20 Get top of ear pierced again and don’t let it get the better of me

21 Travel in a campervan

22 Have a baby?!? (this is highly negotiable)

"Yessss. I turned Chuck Norris into sand"

23 Keep Dad‘s memory alive

24 Write a book or a TV show (or both)

25 Give up Facebook

26 Work hard and play hard

27 Lean to cook delicious Italian and Mexican food without having to spend a day cooking it and a day cleaning up

28 Attempt to wear matching underwear

29 Snorkel at El Portus again

30 Drive across America

31 Visit the dentist every six months

32 Fork out the cash to replace gap left by broken tooth

33 Go to Glastonbury

34 Have my own home

35 Learn to swim and dive properly, not just the shambolic way I taught myself

36 Get a credit card

37 Remember god-daughter’s birthday every year and send card and present (shouldn’t be too hard, her birthday is the same as mine)

38 Stop worrying

39 Run a marathon

40 Eat five a day

(41 And finally, a little non-achievable one, but how mega would it be to be like Stevie Nicks in this video?….)


8 responses to “Dentists, dogs and dancing: My 40 by 40

  1. This is a deadly list, Emer! I reckon, 1, 5 and 28 would feature on mine too. I kept meaning to do a 30 before 30 but I, eh, never got around to it. I s’pose I’ll put “stop procrastinating” at the top of my 40 by 40.

  2. Thanks.. I never got around to my 30 by 30 either, and now I’m 31 so it’s a bit late 🙂

  3. The word ‘attempt’ only features once. No. 28. So honest.

  4. What can I say Rich? Hopefully my life won’t grind to a halt if I’m not always perfectly matching 🙂

  5. You just made No.4 your bitch. Congrats! The other 39 will be no problem to you.

  6. Lists are generally great but this one is particularly awesome. I promise to help with the second part of number 26 🙂

  7. Think I’ve got it figured 😉
    Great blog!

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