About You and Me Both, Kid

Hi there,


I like beards, music and writing, in no particular order. I also like paddling at the beach , selfish yet entertaining cats, cats getting into scrapes, and beige food (as the lovely Sarah explains)

Until quite recently I made my living being a radio version of Veronica Corningstone, reading the news out loud. I’m sure I’ll return to my radio roots in the near future, but for now I’ve left Dublin behind and have come to stay in Andalusia, Spain*, and would like to see where the wind takes me.

*UPDATE JANUARY 2011: I’m now back in Ireland after three months sitting, sipping and travelling in Spain. After a too-soon hiatus from You and Me Both Kid, I’m back to continue my little tales.

My blog takes its name from a line in the song ‘Failsafe’. The New Pornographers do a smashing version, as do The Choir Practice:

‘You and me both, kid’ is a little phrase that makes me feel less alone, and close to someone who can kind of see the way I look at life sometimes.

And to all those who feel the need sometimes to up sticks, quit your job and follow your head and your heart, I say ‘you and me both, kid’.


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